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Satiricosas traducido para gringos

SATRICOSAS-Manú Dornbierer. 22.11.14

1968 and 2014. CIA?

1968 and 2014 are obviously related : both are  basically a student revolt which causes worlwide scandal. The only difference is that the original motivation is not the same. The revolt of 1968 began as an authentic and spread – unfortunately unheard – demand to PRI ( Partido Revolucionario Institucional ) to open itself toward democracy , a demand hoisted by several respectful social fighters and students who embraced the one that had risen in the city of  Nantes in France. It ended with the massacre of Tlatelolco executed by soldiers , followed by worldwide scandal near the Olympic Games XIX in Mexico  which , by the way , were splendid.
According to US government unclassified documents , in 2007 and 2008 CIA intervened in the revolt of 1968. It was published in several newspapers in Mexico and in the Cuban newspaper Granma. This is the version of La Jornada 
“On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the massacre of Tlatelolco , channel seis de julio delivers a new documentary , 1968 The American Connection , which uncovers CIA intervention in the student conflict that year and its interest in the Army´s assuming power in Mexico. Unheard-of documents and images of the time confirm , in the work of movie maker Carlos Mendoza , the interference of US government in Mexico´s  Domestic Politics , the cooption of public officials and the military by CIA  , as well as the development of a propagandized strategy directed to make people believe that a “comunist revolution” was being gestated in Mexico.
The documentary 1968 The American Connection is particularly illustrative of the role played by US ambassador at the time , Fulton Freeman ; CIA director in Mexico , Winston Scott , and other members of the agency , who also participated by  carrying out the coups in Latin American countries such as Guatemala , Peru and Brazil in the 1960´s.
Evidence taken from the film emphasizes , as a starting point , a journalistic article published in June, 1967 in the magazine U.S. News & World Report where the editor warns that a new comunist type revolution was being prepared , which would be supported by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ( USSR ) , China and Cuba” …
According to this , Mexico was in need of support “to be saved from comunism”. It is to say , an excuse for  CIA to intervene in Mexico as in all Latin America. Another piece of gringo information claims that the mexican rulers at the time , Gustavo Díaz Ordaz , President , and Luis Echeverría , Secretary of Government asked CIA  for help saying it was about a “comunist rebellion”. And , poor gringos , “they had been misled”. Mr. Echeverría , who is still alive , could tell us if that was true or not.
As far as I am concerned , I think CIA doesn´t need to be invited to intervene in the countries of the world. Nor in Vietnam , nor in Chile , nor in Mexico , etc.


The present crisis of 2014 , on the other hand , is about an aberrant fact that took place in a sordid narco-political frame inherited from the Gringo War carried out by Felipe Calderón , better known as Fecal. A war that brought 25,000 missing  people and , round figures , 100,000 unidentified dead people from all countries since one of his goals was to stop the immigration flow from the south towards USA. This repugnant “narco-war” brought no demonstration against him. Everyone agreed. It was commanded by George W. Bush to Fecal , and he was “good and brave” , Obama himself dixit. On the other hand , we shouldn´t forget that the issue of Ayotzinapa also comes from the Dirty War of the Mexican State against the state of Guerrero , which has never ended.
The penetration of drug dealing into Iguala was known by all politicians – there´s no other way – since as it is openly commented on , there are laboratories in the highlands of Iguala where heroin is produced. And the fact that everyone who knew the truth at all levels - municipal , state and federal – didn´t  stop that once and for all is inadmissible. And it is also fatal that Morena ( a new political party ) , the Left I believe in , availed itself of the power of Mr. Abarca ( former mayor of Iguala now in prison ) , Dr. Lázaro Mazón´s friend. Let´s stop pretending. We should ask Barbie ( a drug dealer )  , who likes to boast of his connections with PRI members , as in the case of Manuel Añorve when he was given a great deal of money for his frustrated political campaign for Governor of Guerrero , the one that undoubtedly was won by Angel Aguirre , his cousin . Regarding Angel , who should have known what the Abarcas are , I personally and generally ask him : did you cover up The Chuchos? ( Jesús Zambrano and Jesús Ortega , members of PRD , the strongest Left political party iin Mexico ).


Why did the Ayotzinapa boys – over whom we all cry –go to Iguala? Nobody knows why. I keep asking , who took them there? – with the excuse of participating in one of the commemorative acts about ´68 , something that happened long before they , and even their parents , were born. Something most likely they didn´t have any idea about. Nobody can explain about the trip to Iguala. Who manipulated them? They were still first grade boys. Was it part of the sinister custom of hazing? Those who can do it should investigate the ones who organized them in the first palce and why.


The worldwide propagandistic treatment against our country  – not only against Peña Nieto´s government – is being handled , as many people think , by the very same powerful “agency” that removes and puts power in Latin America , CIA. But today it´s being done through the media , as through social networks , much more incisive than the ones before and relying on the most sensitive and painful feelings.
It´s about a huge organization set in many countries – the same ones that kept always quiet when the  Gringo War  turned Mexico into a “cemetery-country”.  All kinds of so-called democratic organizations  from all over the world asking for Peña´s head. Something like what we are witnessing now can´t be spontaneously organized , no matter how good and compassionate people are and if they sympathize with the victims´  parents.
But nothing is going to go better for Mexico if the public blames the Attorney General who “gets weary” ,or a president who attends main  international appointments. The decay belongs to a secular system submitted to neoliberalism that insisted on getting power back without being determined to change , but trying to impose the old regime of the steamroller after granting power to fateful PAN ( Partido Acción Nacional ) for 12 years ,  which finished ruining the political system. Those who think that by making Peña go down ,  everything  will magically go back to normal , are out of focus. The sharks will take advantage of the situation and will put a president who doesn´t flirt with China , for example. Paradoxically , this president who has made many mistakes , as well as his wife , is at the moment necessary for balance.
Gringos are really mad at him for not giving them all. They reproach him for what was said here last week : the essence of this matter “is in Chinese” ( meaning  it´s beyond understanding). And that gets us close to BRICS. Did they want globalization? Ok , but not only with them under their authority. Not with another Colombia plan. Peña has also granted many construction contracts to Portuguese and Spanish following the Iberian line of PRIAN ( PRI and PAN associated ), and with this matter Mexican construction companies don´t  agree. But any philosophy teacher will tell you that the more you deal with groups , the freer and stronger you are.
If the president in power goes down on november 30 , another member of PRI will take over and become president automatically without running a campaign , without elections. That could be Don Beltrone ( Manlio Favio Beltrones , a PRI member and congressman ) who is puffing his close friend Negroponte. Was he banned from entering USA? Or it can be another one they really like.
Personally I don´t doubt CIA is all over us since all progringo are having a strong campaign against Peña because of his opening to others who don´t hold bars and stars. I stress it one more time : was something like this organized with the babies of  Margarita family nursery , who were for sure innocent , and the Gringo War in which Edmundo Valadés ( a well known mexican writer ) would say DEATH WAS GRANTED CONSENT?
When Fecal was president there was an issue about mothers with  aching hearts whose children were killed by soldiers in a private party in Coahuila ( a state of Mexico ). “All are criminals” , he said. The mothers jumped on him. For  the thousands of victims , 2006 and 2012 , there hadn´t been even a Mass. The organizations that gather signatures for this and that seem to be coopted. All is deeply organized. Youtube e-mails are everywhere , like the one from the little state of Rhode Island where a group of Latinos “show”. Even an experienced reporter  like Carlos Loret de Mola , who knows the ropes of journalsim ,  emotionally manifests against the horror of those young boys who were brutally murdered. Pain stirs the masses , but what we don´t need now is pain. It´s the will to raise back an independent and sttrong Mexico. And it´s not that those first grade Ayotzinapa “techers´college students”don´t break our heart.
Pertinent books :”The Other Drug War” , and “Acosta Chaparro, Executioner of Acapulco”. 

Ask for them : librosdemanu@gmail.com

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